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Richard Hight





Email:  hightrichard49@gmail.com

Phone:  0533 241 0506





   Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language, 1988.  Northern Arizona University,

   Flagstaff, Arizona.


   Master of Divinity in Historical Theology, 1979.  Minor in Islamic Studies.  Concordia Theological

   Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana.


   Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, 1971.  Willamette University, Salem, Oregon.




   DIRECTOR OF TESTING, ENGLISH LANGUAGE INSTRUCTOR                      2010 – present

   Meliksah University, Kayseri, Turkey.  Preparing exams for all levels of Preparatory Program.  Teaching

   Prep Program classes as well as Oral Communication Skills to Freshman English Language and

   Literature students.


   DIRECTOR, ENGLISH LANGUAGE CENTER                                                    1999 – 2009

   Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey.  Directed the preparatory program for Koc University, an English-

   Medium-of-Instruction institution.  Overseeing four major programs, including the Intensive English

   preparatory program, a four-year EFL program at the university’s Nursing School, and an  Executive

   English preparatory program for the university’s EMBA program.  Student numbers approach 575

   students at the beginning of the academic year entering the programs at all levels of proficiency.

   Position also included teaching Preparatory classes regularly during the year. Successful students

   reached the paper-based TOEFL level of 550.


   ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS INSTRUCTOR                                       1996 - 1999

  Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey.  Teaching classes in Academic Writing and Business Communications.

  Director of Writing Center.  Responsible for establishing and setting up university-wide Writing

  Resource Center for all students, undergraduate and graduate, as well as faculty.  For two years,

  Prepared studentsfor studies as Freshmen at Koc University, teaching all four skills at all levels.

  Teaching Freshman English classes in Spring and Summer of ’97 and ‘98 and serving on the ELC

  Curriculum Committee, the Teacher Evaluation Committee, and the Library Committee.  Also served as

  an adjudicator for contested English grades at Boagizici University School of Foreign Languages.


   ACADEMIC DIRECTOR                                                                                  1994 - 1996

   Holland America Training Center, Jakarta, Indonesia.  Developing English Language curriculum, lesson

   plans, and  entrance and exit testing procedures for prospective Holland America Line employees.  Also

   providing teacher training sessions for teachers wishing to update their teaching approaches and

   developing new directions for ESP training.  Responsible for budget and time management  planning.

   Facility has ten teachers and 80 - 100 new English students per month for one month cultural and

   language training courses.


   SR. LECTURER                                                                                              1993 - 1994

   Teachers' College of English, University of Szczecin, Poland.  British and American English Language

   School, Szczecin, Poland. Lecturing on Methodology, Pedogogical Grammar, Linguistics and Foreign

   Language Teaching and Theory to Polish teachers both certifying and recertifying as teachers of

   English. Continuing research on relative proficiency/performance of TCE students across Poland.

   Preparing teachers for Cambridge First Certificate, Advanced, and Proficiency exams.






Richard D. Hight II                                                                                            Page 2



   JR FULBRIGHT SCHOLAR                                                                              1991 - 1993 


   Teachers' College of English, University of Szczecin, Poland.  Aiding in development of three-year

   Teacher of English program which graduated its first class in June,1993.  Conducting research

   on proficiency levels of graduates to help establish criteria for language teacher certification, consulting

   with French and German departments. Teaching: Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition,

   Advanced Academic Writing, Psychopedagogy and advising Final Diploma/Research Papers.


   INSTRUCTOR                                                                                     1988 - 1991

   English Department, Northern Arizona University.  Teaching graduate and undergraduate

   linguistics courses, graduate and undergraduate international student composition.  Serving

   on English Department Teaching Evaluation Committee developing assessment tools and

   criteria for faculty evaluation.  Serving on Composition Committee establishing curriculum for

   writing program at Northern Arizona University.


   Leadership Positons:



   Office of International Studies, Northern Arizona University.  Arranging for five international student   

   programs on campus for two-to-four week sessions.  Duties include: hiring and supervising of ESL

   teachers and conversants; budget planning, housing, meals, and transportation; planning of tours and

   cultural activities


   DIRECTOR                                                                                                       1991

   English Department, Northern Arizona University.  Directing United States Information Agency visit by  

   international educators.  Duties include arranging for academic presentations and workshops by

   resident leaders in the field of Teaching English as a Second Language.


   DIRECTOR                                                                                                     1990

   Council on International Educational Exchange Program for German Secondary Teachers of English,

   held at  Arizona University.  Program entitled "American Southwest".Arranging for academic lectures,

   presentations and cultural experiences as well as homestays and classroom visitations.


   INSTRUCTOR AND ASSISTANT TO THE DIRECTOR                              1990

   Miyagi University Summer Program.  Supervising and teaching three-week English Language and

   Culture classes for Japanese college students.  Arranging for concurrent cultural experiences,assisting

   with accounting, arranging and supervising 10-day bus tour of Southwest.


   INSTRUCTOR                                                                                     1988 - 1989

   Williams High School, Williams, Arizona.  Designing original ESL curriculum for adult Hispanic ESL

   students.  Developing syllabus for four skills - beginning level.


   SPECIAL INSTRUCTORSHIP                                                                           1988 - 1989

   English Department, Northern Arizona University.  Continuing work on Ford Grant Foundation project

   to retain non-native, non-standard speakers of English in university composition classes.


   TEACHING ASSISTANT                                                                                  1986 - 1988

   English Department, Northern Arizona University.  Teaching English Composition and piloting special

   sections designed to lower the attrition rate of non-native, non-standard speakers of English. 

   Developing curriculum , working with international students in Writing Lab and Graduate Computer Lab.         










Richard D. Hight II                                                                                            Page 3




   “Classroom Research and Ongoing Assessment: An Example from Academic Writing Experience.”

   Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya, Applied Linguistics Department.  Jakarta, Indonesia.

   March 31, 1995


   "Testing Language Levels of TCE Graduates Across Poland."  IATEFL-Poland Conference.

   Krakow, Poland.  October, 1993.   


   "Academic Writing and Holistic Scoring for Practical English Assessment."  Poznan Regional

   Teachers' Colleges of English.  Poznan, Poland.  May, 1993.


   "Reading and Writing for Academic Purposes in the ESL Classroom."  Arizona Teachers of English to

   Speakers of Other Languages Conference.  Tucson, Arizona.  March, 1991.


   "Student-Centered Thematic Alternative for 'Remedial' ESL Composition."  Arizona Teachers of

   English to Speakers of Other Languages Conference.  Yuma, Arizona.  April 1989.


   "ESL Assessment, Initial and Ongoing: Problems and Prejudices."  Arizona Division of Adult Education   

   Mini-Conference.  Flagstaff, Arizona.  April, 1989.


   "Academic Discourse and the Non-Native, Non-Standard User of English."  TESOL Summer Meeting. 

   Flagstaff, Arizona.  July, 1988.


   "NAU Pilot Program: Increasing Composition Skills of Non-Native, Non-Standard Speakers of English",

   together with Ron Balsamo and Susan Calvert.  Arizona Teachers of English to Speakers of Other

   Languages Conference, Tucson, Arizona.  February, 1988.




   Hight, R. (1993). Assessment and reasearch in the ESL/EFL classroom. IATEFL Newsletter, Poland.

   #5, Summer Fall 1993.


   Hight, R. (1993). Testing language performance in Teachers' Colleges of English [Poland}.  CONTACT:

   College News for Teachers in Action.  # 7, May 1993.


   Hight, D. (1989). Some thoughts about academic literacy: An interview with Dr. Ann Johns. AZ-TESOL

   Newsletter, 10(1),1.


   Hight, D. (1989). Get your students to join the literacy club: An interview with David Eskey. AZ-TESOL

   Newsletter, 10,(3), 1.




TESOL International




   Dr. Attila Askar, former president, Koc University:                                     aaskar@ku,edu,tr

   Nihan Selcuk, Acting Director, English Language Center, Koc University:   nselcuk@ku.edu.tr

   Dr. Randi Reppen, University of Northern Arizona:                                    Randi.Reppen@nau.edu



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